Apricot Raspberry Flavor Concentrate

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Apricot Raspberry Concentrated Flavor.
Flavor Profile: Apricot Raspberry

  High heat stable  

Usage:  Multi-purpose: candy flavoring, syrups, baking, ice cream, yogurts, beverages, and much more. 



Use sparingly: Add a few drops to your cooking, ice cream, beverage or other application to enhance its flavor. For high heat applications, increase concentration slowly.  Flavors are affected by other ingredients like fats and sugar, so experiment to get the perfect flavor for you!   

Other Use:    For Hard Candy, Smoothies, Cakes, Ice Creams Confections: Highly Concentrated, start with a few drops, then adjust to taste.
High heat applications: Used in recipes higher than 450℉: Add approx 11ml of this flavor to 49ml of liquid base. Add less for lighter flavor, more for strong flavor. Shake Well.

Flavor recommended: 11ml


Liquid base recommended:49ml


Total Flavor + liquid base (Total 60ml)



Extracts vs Concentrates: Concentrates are more heat stable than extracts and are better for high heat applications. 

Flavoring Category: Natural and Artificially Flavored Concentrates

Color: Natural coloring, there are no artificial colors in any of our concentrates

Water-soluble, diacetyl free, sugar-free.  

Non-flavoring ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Water, Triacetin 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry environment. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, air and heat. Keep cap tightly closed when not in use.  

Life span: 2 years if stored properly.


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